How bookmakers calculate odds

How bookmakers calculate odds

The very first thing you should know is the fact that bookmakers 1xBet prediction always compose odds to enable them to make money for almost any outcome.

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First, analysts and experts measure the real likelihood of a certain outcome. For example, take a football match between 1xBet prediction Chelsea and Tommy. It really is clear that Londoners are favorites. The probability of the results is estimated on the basis of analytical (mathematics, probability theory) and heuristic (expert opinion) methods. Assume that the opportunity of Chelsea winning is 80%, a draw – 15% and Time’s triumph – 5%.
Then the bookmakers calculate the chances. For this, the system is divided by the percentage of probability obtained 1xBet mega jackpot prediction. That is, the odds of winning Chelsea 1xBet registration should be 1.25 (1 / 0.8), a draw – 6.6 (1 / 0.15) and a victory for Tome – 20 (1 / 0.05). Needless to say, if BC puts such coefficients with its line, it won’t receive any profit. The third step will be based upon this 1xBet mega jackpot prediction.
The actual coefficients which can be formed in the earlier step are intentionally underestimated. Within our example, they will certainly look something like this: 1.15 – 6 – 15. If you translate this back in percentages of probability, you get 86% – 16% – 6%. As a whole, it ends up not 100%, but 108% 1xBet prediction tips.
Bookmakers determine their profit 1xBet prediction tips. In our example, this is 8% (108% -100%). It is called a margin in the 1xBet free prediction world (the difference between the true probability as well as the one that the bookmaker has determined). And if it seems too small for them, the coefficients are underestimated even more so your distinction between the true probability as well as the one they calculate and put lined up is desirable. Of course, bookmakers are guided by competitor’s 1xBet free prediction, so as not to ever function as greediest office.

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There is certainly another interesting nuance in the calculation of betting odds 1xBet prediction jackpot. It consists in the fact that the odds of winning a favorite will always underestimated more than the others. Let’s get back into our example 1xBet jackpot prediction.

While you remember, the following coefficients were obtained 1xBet prediction jackpot:

Real 1.25 – 6.6 – 20.
Compiled by BC 1.15 – 6 – 15.

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Suppose that the quantity of bets is 1000 dollars and 90% for this money falls regarding the victory for the favorite, this is certainly, Chelsea and another 5% for the draw while the triumph of Time 1xBet online prediction. It turns out that when the “pensioners” win, BC will have to pay 1,035 dollars (900 * 1.15).

If you have a draw, then 300 (50 * 6) and when Tom defeats Chelsea, 750 (50 * 15). Within the last few two cases, the net profit of BC will undoubtedly be 700 (1000-300) and 250 (1000-750) 1xBet online prediction.

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Therefore, the office needs to further reduce the possibility of winning a favorite 1xBet sure prediction.

For example, if you put the coefficient 1.05, as it happens that in case of victory the bookmaker can give 945 dollars, and 55 will require it for him 1xBet sure prediction.

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Now you understand how 1xBet prediction tomorrow calculates the chances of an outcome 1xBet match prediction. It’s time and energy to uncover a couple of secrets to reading the line. In this regard, the question arises of how to choose a coefficient in the bookmaker, that is, where to find a coefficient that will allow one to win significantly more than the remainder 1xBet today prediction.

The one thing is for sure: don’t choose unknown and illegal bookmakers. Needless to say, determine exactly which bookmaker gets the highest odds 1xBet mobile predictions.

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